IMG_6630.jpgThe idea originated when qualified builder Aaron George, who runs a well-established building company, AG Builders Ltd, started to diversify into foundation construction.

After completing a number of jobs, Aaron quickly realised there was a need for improved technology in the way the boxing / formwork is built. He thought there must be a better way of making formwork quicker, cleaner and safer to improve working conditions for his staff – pegging and framing is back breaking work and time consuming!

Having no luck finding a system easy, quick, clean and safe to use, with full adjustability for accuracy, he developed his own. When it comes to foundations, there’s no room for inaccuracies.

After research, development and design, in late 2014 the first prototypes arrived. These were put through a period of vigorous testing on building sites and have been refined to the system which is now available today.

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